Thailand TS Power Cords (30)
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Type A,Type B,Type C,Type O
Made in China

Thailand electrical outlets & plugs

Thailand uses power outlets and plugs of types A, B, C & O. Take a look at the pictures below to see what these plugs and power sockets look like:

Type A - Mostly used in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, China and Japan. No other plug types will fit in a type A outlet.

Type B - Similar to type A, but with an extra pin for grounding. Mainly used in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Japan. Plugs of type A will also fit into a type B socket.Type C - The standard European plug. Commonly used in Europe, South-America and Asia, but also in quite a few other countries. Plugs of type E and F will also fit in a type C outlet.Type O - Used exclusively in Thailand. Plugs of type C will also fit into a type O socket, and there is unsafe compatibility with type E and F plugs. Electricity in Thailand - voltage and frequency All power sockets in Thailand provide a standard voltage of 220V with a standard frequency of 50Hz.